Camping tent near the Dinara mountain, starry sky, Mountain Croatia



A beautiful, long mountain range divides Croatia onto continental and coastal. Those could be named as our three main regions with its unique climates, sceneries and certainly, peoples’ mentality. Mountains play an important role in Croatia’s turbulent history and present. At a glance you get a feeling that the time stopped but really it is full of life. Just like the ruins and heritage in our towns roaring with people so are the mountains with flora and fauna. From the melting pot of the locals and tourists in the urban areas to the domestic and wildlife in the highlands. From the Mediterranean over the mountain fresh to the continental breezes and fogs, Croatia’s landscapes are breathtaking wherever you go.

Strict nature reserves and national parks in such a small territory are overwhelming for the most adventurous and experienced cliffhangers, hikers, nature admirers, birdwatchers, hunters, fishermen in all four seasons. Any season is astonishing in the forest especially in the coziest cabins, lodges as well as hiking houses that are open and free to anyone anytime. Never visit an unexplored mountain terrain without a partner or consulting with local rangers.

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Add a (dirt)bike, quad, 4×4, canoe, kayak, raft, skis, sledges or snowboard with a tent to the equation and you have a formula to pure hedonism. The murmur of fresh springs, creeks and lakes in the undiscovered nature make you want to buy a property of your own but then you run into a cave and all of the sudden you realize why such peace needs to be left alone on its own.

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