Art pavilion and fountain in Zagreb, Urban Croatia



From the capital to the coast, the brick to the stone, historical to modern, discover the evolution of Croatian urban life. Where east meets the west, north meets the south, understand Europe as it is nowadays.

Not many countries of the world can brag about such a significant pathway to the global civilization as we know today. Marco Polo, Tesla, Penkala, Bošković, Uzelac, Vrančić, Tuđman, Tito, Generalić, Meštrović, Dragojević, Dedić and many more late and very much alive enthusiasts contributed to the urban comfort that we all like to enjoy but rarely have a chance to see in such a short time in such a small country.

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Let our amazing local guides, as we love to call “walking encyclopedias”, walk you through the museums, cathedrals, theaters, monuments, parks, alleys and fill in the gaps you did not even know you had in your general knowledge. Get a feel of the urban vibe, cuisine, day and nightlife. Sip espresso, craft beer, wine and rakija at the local terraces where live bands, klapas, tamburicas or DJs will put you in the right mood and introduce you to Croatian unforgettable moods. Just remember that Croatians can handle their alcohol pretty well so gear up with energy and high spirits.

All that rocks your boat we can deliver so fill out our questionnaire thoroughly and we promise loads of fun.