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A word you must know when choosing Croatia as your destination meaning tavern in short but way more than that. Every village, town, city and or region has them. Many more names in Croatian for it but simply, it’s our way of life.

Let us show you Croatia all you can see through konobas and you’ll bring back something no one else has experienced through any agency in Croatia or in the world. Our unique experience will let you get acquainted with local traditions, music, food, drinks and people who passionately make it all happen for the locals and tourists for ages. Unforgettable experience highly recommended!

From the vibrant to the most secluded and relaxed gastro experiences you will ever want. All we want from you is to be yourself! Continental or coastal menus with respect to the local goods of course! Most of the tourists are not sure about what to look for or order in certain regions or seasons but that is exactly why we decided to take you through the whole experience at our pleasure!

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your preferences and allergies if some and we promise you’ll have the best home-grown and made food ever. This is exactly what Cronique stands for!